Sesamoiditis Home Remedies

Sesamoiditis Home Remedies

So you have sesamoiditis.  Not fun, I know. The pain behind your big toe on the ball of your foot can range anywhere from a minor nuisance to completely debilitating.  In either case, making it stop is the number one priority.  Sesamoiditis is generally caused by inflammation of the tendons that surround the sesamoid bones in the foot.  Sesamoid region inflammation can cause pain when walking, dancing, running squatting etc.  If the pain is debilitating you should see a doctor immediately.  There is no use trying home remedies for something that inhibits your daily life.  If however you find that your sesamoid pain is tolerable in nature, you can try one of the below sesamoiditis home remedy methods to relieve the pain.

Ice:  Icing the area is a great way to reduce inflammation thereby relieving the pain.  A great way to ice the sesamoid region is to grab a bottle of water (deer park, dannon, you get the idea) and drink a few ounces from the bottle.  Pop it in the freezer for a couple of hours, or until frozen.  Place the frozen bottle on the floor while you watch TV and roll your foot over the frozen bottle.  Do this for no longer than 20 minutes, at which time remove the ice for 20 minutes. You can repeat this a couple of times per icing session.

Sesamoid Relief Sleeve: Sesamoid relief sleeves are great for reducing the pressure placed on the sesamoid bones.  Pressure causes pain, and these sleeves are designed to relieve that pain by spreading the impact from walking out around your foot.  We have a few options listed on our site.  Click Here to see them.

Arch Support: Those of us with high arches place a lot of downward pressure on our sesamoids.  Using proper arch support can help to relieve this pressure by distributing the force throughout the arch rather than just the ball of the foot.  Those who suffer from pes cavus symptoms (extremely high arch) are particularly susceptible to sesamoiditis.

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