Self-Help Treatments

Sesamoiditis Home Remedies

Rest:  The easiest and most common sense self help option is rest.  In the early stages of sesamoiditis, rest can help alleviate some of the swelling and pain.  Elevate the foot and ice as necessary  Rest is also useful throughout the sesamoiditis injury.

Shoes: Steer clear of high heeled shoes, and stick with shoes that are known for their highly cushioned soles.  Also, you will want to choose shoes that have a proper toe width for the size of your foot and are the proper length.  Squeezing your foot into a shoe tends to aggravate sesamoiditis.  We have a shoe therapy section which lists some of the best shoes available for sufferers of sesamoiditis. Click here to browse our recommendations.  You should aim for comfortable tennis shoes with cushiony soles.  You want to make sure to have an arch support insert to insure that the downward pressure from walking is being evenly placed on the appropriate areas of the foot.

Gel Pads/Metatarsal Sleeves:  Gel pads provide the added cushion and comfort that is required to keep direct pressure off of the sesamoid area.  We have listed the best options for sesamoiditis gel pads and wraps here.  Combined with the right shoes, these metatarsal pads can drastically reduce the pain associated with sesamoiditis.  Metatarsal sleeves are a great option.  They help to spread the pressure of walking around the ball of the foot, away from the sesamoid bones.  They are relatively inexpensive and last a good while.  The metatarsal sleeves are nice as they hold the pads in place.

Arch Support:  Unusually high arches can put added pressure on the sesamoid bones, leading to further discomfort and irritation.  Adding arch support to your shoes can help to reduce this by shifting the pressure from the ball of the foot to the pad.  There are a number of options available, but we have listed our recommendations in the relief products page. Take a look!

Massage w/Topical Pain Relief Cream: A light massage can work wonders on early stage sesamoiditis cases.  Some topical creams work better than others, we have listed our favorites for you on our relief products page as well.

Ice, Ice, Ice:  Icing the area after prolonged walking/running/biking makes a significant difference.  Freeze a water bottle, place it on the floor and roll your foot over it while relaxing during the evening.  This will help with inflammation and overall discomfort.  You can also use an ice cube to massage the sesamoid region, thereby directly applying the cool ice to the affected area.