Custom Treatments

Sesamoiditis Custom Treatments

If you have already tried our self-help options and continue to experience pain, you may have some luck using custom made products.  Custom products are generally the most expensive option when dealing with pain in the sesamoid region.  Your podiatrist should be able to steer you towards a company that provides custom orthotic products built specifically for your foot.  Depending upon your specific condition, the custom built orthotics will accomplish one or more of the following objectives:

  • Provide Custom Arch Support – As we know, fallen or low arches can cause overpronation which in turn puts pressure on the medial sesamoid bone.  Custom arch supports built specifically for your foot will help to increase your arch height, reducing ankle roll and alleviating pressure on the sesamoid region.
  • Provide Custom Shock Absorption – One of the major causes of sesamoiditis and sesamoid bone pain is the consistent shock that the sesamoids endure with every step.  A custom made shock absorption system can help to reduce wear and tear on the sesamoid region while also increasing the patient’s comfort level while walking.

So what types of products are used to accomplish these goals?

  • Medial Wedges – These custom made wedges are designed to help reduce extreme overpronation, which we know is related to sesamoiditis. They help to stabilize and align the heel throughout the walking motion reducing ankle roll.
  • Arch Pads – Custom arch pads also help to reduce overpronation and artificially increase arch height, reducing load on the sesamoid bones.
  • Stabilizer Posts -These custom made orthotics provide further ankle and roll stabilization reducing the stress on the sesamoid bones.