Sesamoiditis Treatments

Sesamoiditis Treatments

Sesamoiditis is a painful and sometimes crippling disease.  Dependent upon your preference, there are a number of treatment options available. Treatment methods vary from reduced activity all the way to surgical repair.  The most conservative sesamoiditis treatment method available is rest and padding of the sesamoid region.  Temporary padding beneath the ball of the foot, if successful is typically followed up with an orthotic prescription for a similar, more sturdy pad. If found early enough, sesamoiditis treatments such as these can be very effective.  We have gathered a handful of good relief products here.

If the sesamoiditis is not abated by the use of padding, a podiatrist may recommend specialty shoes, forefoot relief sleeves or a walking cast to help relieve the pressure on the sesamoid region.

If the above listed treatments had no measurable affect, surgery may be recommended.  Surgical treatment of the sesamoid region typically consists of removal of the sesamoid bones themselves.  This is called a sesamoidectomy.

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Self-Help Sesamoiditis Treatments – Learn EXACTLY what you can do today to reduce the pain and help you on your way to a comfortable lifestyle.

Custom Sesamoiditis Treatment Methods – These long-term options generally involve the work of a podiatrist.  Learn all about these methods here.