Running With Sesamoiditis

It is almost February, and you know what that means!  Running season is just around the corner.  For those of you who live and die by the run, sesamoiditis can stop you in your tracks, derailing your plans to chew up the miles this year.  So the question is, can you run with sesamoiditis?  The short answer is Yes.  You can absolutely run with sesamoiditis.  Although it is generally advisable to rest the injury, the reality is that many of us are too stubborn or anxious to head this advice.

So let’s say that you are one of these folks.  How can you run with sesamoiditis so as not to further aggravate the injury?  Let’s be clear first, running on an injured sesamoid region will only exacerbate the injury over time.  There is no fool proof way to run with sesamoiditis, but let’s go over some ways to help reduce the risk of further injury.

Flat Surfaces!

Running uphill can significantly increase the impact on the sesamoids, thereby increasing the chance of further injury.  Do yourself a favor and choose a running path that does not include any inclines over a few degrees.  Take your time to plan out a nice flat ground run and your sesamoids will thank you!

Arch Support

This applies to those of you with higher arches.  The higher your arch the more downward pressure is placed on the sesamoid region during the run.  Grab some decent arch supports and place them in your shoe.  This will allow the pressure of your foot hitting the ground to spread amongst the foot’s entire surface area.

Sesamoid Relief Sleeve

Try out one of these sleeves
.  They wrap around your foot, so they do a good job of staying in place, and they are cushioned, right in the ball of the foot.  The relief sleeve helps to reduce the power of the impact from running, all while dispersing the force across the entire ball of the foot rather than directly upon the sesamoids.

Again, the best advice is rest, however if that’s not an option and you are going running anyway, give these tips a try.

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